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Sports Inidual Nature Fishing

Sports Inidual Golf Arcade

Sports Team Soccer Arcade

Action Shooter ShootEmUp TopDown

Action Shooter ThirdPerson Arcade

Action Shooter FirstPerson Tactical

Sports Inidual Billiards

Sports Team Soccer Sim

Sports Inidual Horse Racing

Sports Team Ice Hockey Arcade

Action Shooter ThirdPerson

Sports Team Baseball Arcade

Strategy Management Business / Tycoon

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Strategy TurnBased Artillery

Action Shooter FirstPerson

Strategy TurnBased Tactics

Action Shooter ShootEmUp Vertical

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Action Shooter ThirdPerson Tactical

Simulation Virtual Virtual Life

Sports Team Basketball Sim

Simulation Vehicle Civilian

Action Shooter ShootEmUp Horizontal

Strategy TurnBased Card Battle

Sports Team Baseball Sim

Sports Team Ice Hockey Sim

Sports Inidual Surf / Wakeboard

Sports Inidual Ski / Snowboard

Racing Simulation Automobile

Action Shooter FirstPerson Arcade

Sports Team Football Arcade

Sports Team Basketball Arcade

Strategy Management Government

Sports Inidual Combat Boxing / Martial Arts

Sports Team Football Sim

Sports Inidual Golf Sim

Sports Team Soccer Management

Sports Inidual Skate / Skateboard

Sports Inidual Nature Hunting

Sports Inidual Combat Wrestling

Sports Inidual Athletics